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An introduction to e-learning (e-FOLIO)


About e-FOLIO....


Welcome to the An introduction to e-learning (e-FOLIO) wiki. E-FOLIO is an online interactive course on e-learning. The course has been commissioned by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) as a FOLIOz course for library and information professionals in Australia and New Zealand. 


The e-FOLIO course begins on Monday 26th September and finishes on Friday 11th November 2011. To see what the course covers, see the e-FOLIO course timetable.


Important: Course Instructions


e-FOLIO Course Materials...


General Course Materials:

About the Course 

Course FAQs

Portfolio Tasks Checklist

Portfolio Assessment Criteria

e-learning bibliography (Further Reading)

Course Blog

Twitter Feed


Week 1

#1 Course Introduction

#2 Icebreaker

#3 Briefing 1: Introduction to e-learning

#4 Introduction to main e-folio exercise

#5 Briefing 2: Methods of e-learning


Week 2

#6 Catch-up Day

#7 e-learning barriers and enablers

#8 Briefing 3: Carrying out an e-learning training needs assessment

#9 Web 2.0 Guided Tour 1: Blogger

#10 e-elearning resource examples (evaluation task)


Week 3

#11 Course Discussion

#12 Planning and Delivering an e-learning course (Prezi presentation)

#13 Guest Lecture: Barbara Allan - University of Hull

#14 Briefing 4: Facilitating and Supporting an e-learning Course

#15 Web 2.0 Guided Tour 2: PBworks


Reading Week

Optional Competition 

E-learning resource examples

Podcast: 10 e-learning tips - Anthea Sutton: Download either:

the ppsx version (Microsoft Office 2007)

or ppt version (Microsoft Office 2003) and view as a slide show to hear the audio


Week 4

#16 Briefing 5: Promoting e-learning

#17 Motivating e-learners (scenarios exercise)

#18 E-learning Quiz

#19 Guided Reading

#20 Submission on e-learning resource


Week 5

#21 Web 2.0 Guided Tour 3: Prezi

#22 Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning (Blog Discussion)

#23 e-learning resource gallery (Evaluation Task)

#24 Data, Copyright and the Cloud (Screencast) or embedded version at: http://folioze-folio.pbworks.com/w/page/47636777/ATscreencast

#25 Catch-Up Day


Week 6

#26 Evaluating e-learning (Briefing)

#27 Web 2.0 guided tour: Screencasting

#28 Course Summary (includes reflection portfolio task)

#29 Quiz & Competition Answers

#30 Course Conclusion



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